User Acceptance Testing

UAT (User Acceptance Testing): User acceptance is a type of testing performed by the Client or Tester to certify the system with respect to the requirements that was agreed upon. This testing happens in the final phase of testing before moving the software application to Market or Production
environment.The main purpose of this testing is to validate the end to end business flow. It does NOT focus on the cosmetic errors, Spelling mistakes or System testing. This testing is carried out in separate testing environment with production like data setup. It is a kind of black box testing where two or more end users will be involved.

Here is an example of UAT under software development life cycle (SDLC)-


UAT tools:

There are several tools in the market used for User acceptance testing and some are listed for reference:

Fitnesse tool : It is java tool used as a testing engine. It is easy to create tests and record results in a table. Users of the tool enter the formatted input and tests are created automatically. The tests are then executed and output is returned back to the user.

Watir : It is tool kit used to automate browser based tests during User acceptance testing. Ruby is the programming language used for inter process communication between ruby and Internet explorer.

Content source : Guru99

For more details about UAT :

Here i just gave some basic idea about UAT. My main focus is over Fitnesse tool for acceptance testing as it is the most popular for acceptance testing.Next post will contain details about the following topics of Fitnesse tool –

What is Fitnesse tool

Installing FitNesse

Installing FitNesse from maven

FitNesse Command Line Options

FitNesse Example

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